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Innerforce Records regretfully announces the death of one of our artist CHASE BAYS


We are working on a memorial site for Chase's friends & fans if you wish to say something about him send it here

Direct link to Chase’s web site click here -

Welcome to InnerForce Records:

InnerForce Records is a label that among other genres specializes in Projection music.  Projection music has the power to transform lives through positive reinforcement.  InnerForce strives to put the individual listener in the forefront of all of our projects.  In doing this we have been able to reach people on a much deeper level. We believe the greatest music has an InnerForce, a fuel that drives it and binds it together. This sort of music has a life of its own, and when that life collides with a listener, it affects them, and music’s purpose has been served.

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Innerforce Records : Chase Bays : Music News

Dec 07, 2007
Chase is in the top 10

Nov 01, 2007
Don't be left out:

Aug 14, 2007
CHASE passed July 8, 2007

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